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All The Ways To Be Project

All The Ways To Be Project

Inspired by ‘All the ways to be smart’ written by Davina Bell, students from Prep – 6 explored how being smart can mean many different things. This project helped students to identify and celebrate how they are smart in their very own way.

House Name Launch

Our House Captains passed a bill through our CPS Parliamentary Program to review our school's House Names, which had been in place for over 70 years! After consulting students, staff and parents, we launched our new names with special launch day.

Science Week

The school theme for National Science Week in 2022 was Glass: More than meets the eye, which CPS celebrated in August. Students participated in a week-long event, with special learning opportunies and lunchtime activities offered.

Book Week

Each year since 1945 the Children's Book Council of Australia has brought children and books together across Australia through Book Week. Watch the above video to see highlights from this year's book parade - a favourite event on our school's annual calendar!

Education Week

To celebrate Education Week, we welcomed our community into our classrooms and school. Family members joined in Maths and Literacy lessons, as well as Discovery Learning in Prep and STEM sessions in the Makerspace.

Humans of Canterbury

After spending the last two years mostly apart, this collaborative school-wide project was designed to bring our school community back together. We celebrated the differences, experiences and strengths we each have, as humans of Canterbury.

Minecraft School Project

Led by Year 6 Technology Ministers, students worked collaboratively to identify a scale and measure the school, dedicate zones to different groups and share knowledge and Minecraft building skills with each other.