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Principal's Message

Canterbury Primary School is located in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As you enter our front gates, you will notice two large oak trees, which were planted in 1905. These trees symbolise our school’s rich history, spanning over 115 years. You will often find students collecting the acorns that have fallen, or meeting new friends below one of these trees, which is known to students as the ‘friendship tree’.

At Canterbury Primary School, we believe that teaching and learning should have purpose, context and provide a genuine audience for student work. Students are involved in learning experiences that reflect real-life scenarios, and have ongoing opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve and create. Our approach ensures that students are engaged and connected to their schooling, which positively influences achievement and wellbeing outcomes. We are proud of our innovative and student-centred approach to learning, which is reflected in our Discovery Learning, Makerspace and Student Parliament programs.

The relationships with our school and local community are highly valued by students, staff and parents. We have well-established relationships with local kindergartens and secondary schools which provide strong transition pathways in and out of the school, and we regularly connect with parents, local businesses and organisations to explore partnerships that enhance the learning experience for our students. We work closely with our School Council and the Canterbury Parents’ Association to engage our school community, align fundraising efforts and identify opportunities to celebrate and further strengthen our school.

I encourage you to explore our website and watch videos that capture some of our recent highlights. If you require any additional information about our school, please do not hesitate to contact our front office.

Carly Pluck